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Customized to your specific subject, these modern hardbacks are in very good to new condition and come in a variety of colors, and some may or may not have dust jackets. Starting at $19.99 per linear foot, these books are perfect for interior decorating, movie/theater props, instant libraries, AND MORE! Samples in the photo: nature/wildlife (left on 2nd shelf), gardening (right on 2nd shelf), sports (left on 3rd shelf), travel (right on 3rd shelf), World War II (top shelf), and spirituality (bottom shelf). Prices vary by subject, so contact Designer Services for a quote.

Sample Subjects
  • Country, Region, or State
  • History, Politics, Economics, Travel, etc.
  • Biology, Chemistry, etc.
  • Cats, Dogs, Horses, Wildlife, etc.
  • Travel, Cooking, Gardening, etc.
  • Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, etc.
  • Romance, Sci-Fi, etc.
  • And many more!

Book Details
  • Height 8" to 12".
  • Very good to new condition.
  • Books may have dust jackets.
  • 6 to 12 books per foot.

Portfolio Samples
  • MeetThePress Renaissance Hotel: Washington, DC

Ordering Information
Special Needs

Contact Designer Services with any questions or concerns, including shipping estimates, additional book descriptions, photo requests, deadline requirements, and quotes for more specific styles or mixing and matching styles.

Contact Designer Services to Purchase (301-898-2258)

Choose Your Subjectů
Choose Your Subjectů
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